Frequently Asked Questions

Our mission is to help people with Parkinson’s optimize their care. If you can’t find the answers to your question below, please visit our User Guide section or contact us.

The StrivePD app is available on the Apple App Store for free. There is no subscription required.

Currently, we plan to launch the Android version of StrivePD in the second half of 2019.

Although it won’t be optimized for a tablet, it’s possible to use the StrivePD mobile app on your iPad.

We encourage caregivers to use StrivePD. During our pre-launch pilots, several caregivers enjoyed using the app to track medication, symptoms, and to keep detailed notes about their loved ones’ condition. They’re still using it!

You can set up more than one strength of the same medication in your schedule. For example, enter Rytary as your medication, then add your dosage, number of pills, and the times you take them. To add a second dosage, tap “+Add item” in the top right of your screen, type in Rytary2, and continue to add your dosage, number of pills, and scheduled times.

To add a medication that you take on an as needed basis, enter your medication, select your dosage and number of pills (optional), then select “As needed” instead of days of the week.

Typically, if your medication adherence shows less than 100% but you’ve taken all your meds, it means that you took some of your medications more than 30 minutes off schedule, without adjusting your schedule for that day.

Your complete history of logged items is saved and viewable in the Insights>Logged section. 

To print a PDF report, you first need to select a date range, and email the report to yourself to be able to print it out. See the Insights + Reports section in the User Guide of this website.

We do not rent, sell, or share your data without your consent our authorization, and do not share your personal data with third parties for direct marketing purposes. In order to improve StrivePD and help develop and deliver better therapies for Parkinson’s disease, we may share your de-identified data with Partners, Affiliates, and Service Providers.

StrivePD is designed as a tool for patients and caregivers to live better lives with Parkinson’s disease, and is not providing healthcare. However, in the future StrivePD may help provide healthcare, and we want to make sure your data is protected and available for this important use case.

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