Strive to live well with Parkinson’s Disease.

StrivePD is a mobile app designed with and for people with Parkinson’s who strive to live fully.

Track what makes you feel better or worse.

Logging is simple and quick using the StrivePD mobile app. Track your medications, symptoms, side effects and other influences. Take notes. 
Set up daily goals.

Never miss 

a medication.

StrivePD reminds you to take your medications and, when your routine changes, it offers to adjust your medication schedule accordingly. 

Learn from patterns in your activity. 

Regular logging reveals patterns unique to each user, showing patients and caregivers how modifications in personal routines can improve overall well being.

Share with your care team.

StrivePD’s Insights section and highly visual reports are easy to understand. These reports are printable, and can be shared via email to provide doctors with meaningful data for optimizing patient care.

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StrivePD makes a huge impact on my life. I get my medicine on time every time, but best of all my husband no longer needs to remind me to take my meds. It makes me more independent, and removes a burden from my husband. In addition, I am more responsible about completing my goals. Making a checkmark next to each goal is like giving myself a gold star. I can document concerns, which is compiled into a weekly report and emailed to me. It’s a great summary for me.
Betty S. Diagnosed 7 years ago
This is fantastic. I've never seen anything like this. This is a powerful tool for managing the complexities of living with PD.
Laura M. Diagnosed 10 years ago
The beauty of this app is that every person’s experience is different yet the app can be adapted for just about any need!
Nancy L. Caregiver to Aunt

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